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India's first Inbuilt UPS Mix value counting machine
Specification and Features

Note counting machine with battery backup.

This machine is highly recommended solution for that has electricity fluctuations and power issue premises

Banknote authenticating machine with mix value.

Most Suitable Machine for new version notes.

Updated Machine for new Rs.2000, new Rs.500, new Rs.200, new Rs.100, new Rs.50 , new Rs.20 and Rs.10

Software Upgradation

Absolute Counterfeit Detection with UV, MG, MT & IR and 3D 100% Ink detection on New Generation Indian Currencies.

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Full report in main display with the number of notes, denominations and Total Value.


Free External Display

Long bright LCD blue display. Batch, Add and Count modes.

Error alarm. Half and Double Note detection.

UV, Size & 100% Ink detection. Extra Customer display.

Self-examination function and Detection Sensitivity adjustable.

Perfectly sort both New & Old generation Indian Currencies.

Notes issued Prior to 2005 will also be sorted as per RBI Circular.

Hooper Capacity         :    200 Notes

Counting Speed          :    1000 Notes in One Minute

Battery                       :     Lithium Ion,11.1 V, 5000mah

Charging Time           :    45 – 90 mins

Battery Life               :    1000 times(Charging and Discharging)

Backup Time             :     28 Hours stand by or 1200 bundles

Power Supply              :    230V AC, 50Hz

Dimension in mm        :    330 X 245 X 205

Note :   Counting accuracy and detection errors may vary due to currency condition. The company is not liable for any losses caused by the same.