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Integrated Queue Management System
Specification and Features

Allied AIQ Queue Management System is Automatic Queue Measurement System for the large and unstructured queue. This system is a stand-alone embedded system. Using the latest cutting-edge technology for token cutting. Perfect in crowd and space management. The system is totally designed keeping in mind its demand for reliability.

MCI Type – Managing Controlling Informing

  • Thermal Printer
  • Edge Technology token cutting
  • Wall mounted and metallic cabinet
  • Details of Token :- Enter Firm Name, Section Name, Phone Number, Token Issued Time and Date, Token Number and Other details
  • Token running display
  • Token waiting display (The unit will display the number of customers is waiting in “Q”)
  • Next and Recall token calling keys
  • High Bright and Quality LED display
  • Multi-line displays
  • The display shows a separate counter number and Token number
  • Multi-Language Calling
  • Volume Controller


Note :   Counting accuracy and detection errors may vary due to currency condition. The company is not liable for any losses caused by the same.