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Currency Sorting Cum Authentication Machine with 1+1 Pocket
Specification and Features

High Speed in sorting.

CIS image sensor for both side scanning.

Complete Authentication.

Mixed Denomination Counting.

Single Denomination Sorting.

Orientation and face Sorting.

Non-issuable, Pre-2005 notes Sorting.

Value counting.

ATM Fitness.

High-level Fitness Sorting.

Easy upgrade by LAN and USB.

Serial number collection.

Double side 6 different scanning.

Easy clear jam.

Automatic Dust Cover.

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Counting Method            : Friction

Feeding System                : 800-1,200 notes/min

Hopper Capacity              : 600 notes

Stacker Capacity               : 200 notes

Reject Stacker Capacity  : 100 notes

Authenticity Detection   : CIS IR sensor, UV, Magnetic, MT

Authenticity Detection   : Soil, Scribble, Shape, Hole, Tear, Folded and Missing corner


Note :   Counting accuracy and detection errors may vary due to currency condition. The company is not liable for any losses caused by the same.