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AJL206 Series

Currency Sorting Cum Authentication Machine with 1+1 Pocket
Specification and Features

The AJL206-series, equipped with the most
advanced security technology, is Allied’s allrounder. It can be used as a classic banknote
counter, value counter, or comprehensive fitness
sorter. Equipped with a multitude of functions the
AJL206 shines in any professional environment
and will meet all of your requirements.

Currency Sorting Cum Authentication Machine with 1+1 Pocket

Non Stop counting with Reject pocket.

With two CIS detection including IR detection.

Complete Authentication.

Mixed Denomination Counting.

Full Denomination Report.

Single Denomination Sorting.

Orientation and face Sorting.

Non-issuable, Pre-2005 notes Sorting.

Value counter by an image sensor.

Improved feeding mechanism easy jam removed.

Easy clear jam and maintenance.


Modes                                  Value-/Piece-Counting, Fitness-/Denomination-/Face- /Orientation-Sorting

PocketCapacities                 500 notes (Feeder) 200 notes (Main Pocket) 100 notes (Reject Pocket)

Detection                              Infrared, Security Thread, UV, Magnetic Ink, Mechanical Thickness

Speed                                   Counting: 1400 notes/min. Sorting: 1100 notes/min.

Display                                  4,3’’ LCD Touchscreen

Interface                               USB, LAN, RS-232, Serial

Power Supply                       220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz

Dimensions                          330mm x 310mm x 340mm (L x W x H)

Weight                                 14kg / 16kg

Note :   Counting accuracy and detection errors may vary due to currency condition. The company is not liable for any losses caused by the same.